Adventures of Anita and Seema African massage

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Adventures of Anita and Seema African massage

The next day we woke up really late, seema was already in the bath soaking her self. I walked up to the bath room and said,"we have been , I wonder what our husbands would think if they found out?", she gigled and said,"they will never know and anyway if they feel left out you can fuck ajay and I will fuck jay for few nights." and I picked up the phone and dailed the reception,"hi we have an appointment for a massage, could you send her over?" and seema said,"her?", and we started laughing and the receptionist said yes. We just freshend up and around 10mins later the door bell rang. Seema wanted to rest in her bath, so I decided to get the door.

There was a fine lady with a bag at the door. Somewhere in her mid 30's dark hair long legs about 5'9 height white thigh length dress and a wheatish skin colour. "hi my name is Angie and I'm your massage therapist", she said. "hi I'm Anita, nice to meet you, come in!" and i closed the door behind her. She walked right into room and asked me to lay on the bed. "angie I need a good body massage", "sure ma'am I will do my best" and asked me lay on the bed and asked me remove my bathrobe. I turned towards her and undid my bathrobe and dropped it on the side and lay on the bed. She took a towel and placed it on my butt."you really have a well kept body ma'am" and she smiled."yea I like to keep it this way, attracts the guys" and she promptly replied,"only guys? I'm sure would love it as well" and we both started laughing. She took out a oil from her bag and placed it on the side table.

Rubbed her hands with the oil and slowly started to massage my back." is the pressure ok?" and I just replied by saying,"hmm, feels perfect" she slowly massaged my back and down my waist and removed the towel to start massaging my butt checks. She slid her hands slowly down my inner thighs and slowly massaged my tip of the pussy."hmmm Angie feels good" and she didn't reply and she kept massaging my pussy and before I knew it she had one finger inside my pussy. But before I could react she took it off and continued down my thighs. For a good half hour we didn't say anything to eachother and she kept massaging my full back and legs. Then she asked me to turnover and she poured the oil right on my chest. With a circular motion she massaged my boobs and would occasionally reach my nipples and massage them too. I was starting to get a little turned on by the whole thing but would be too early to do anything.

With a few minutes she moved back to my waist and my pussy. She reached my pussy and slowly started to rub it and to give her a better movement I spread my legs. It had started to feel horny and she had forgotton that I was her client. She started to rub it furiously when I was moaning away. "I think I'm gonna cum Angie, shit I'm gonna cum!" and she kept rubbing my pussy and I had a orgasam and jerked on the bed. I opened my eyes and said,"thanks, you seem to like it" and she just smiled and said,"you looked really good lying on the bed and i couldn't stop myself", "that's ok" and I moved my hands up her legs, she didn't stop it for a while but she bent towards me to kiss me and I pulled her closer to me and her thick lusious lips felt amazing. We kissed for a good minute and when we broke the kiss I got up an pulled her between my legs and undid her dress. She had 38D boobs with a flat stomach a white bra and a white . I stood up to remove her bra and before we knew we started to kiss again.

Our boobs were rubbing together and I was loving it. She had dark nipples and a lovely set of boobs, I moved down to suck on them and pulled her on the bed."ma'am this is really not my job profile, I don't dothis often","I'm sure you don't Angie but don't stop yourself" and we were kissing and fondling eachother boobs for a while. Then I real forced anal against her will positioned my self in a 69 and started to lick her pussy. It felt amazing, I could lick and suck on that pussy all day. She would suck on my pussy and then finger me and lick me at the same time. After a while we moved back and we were kissing again when I pushed her on the side and went to seema's bag and got out a strap on dick. "oh god, what if the hotel finds out?" she said,"dont worry no will find out", I put it on and pulled her closer to the edge of the bed and pushed the thick 9"dildo into her pussy. She started to moan,"aaa ma'am fuck me please, it's been soooo long please fuck me", and I kept moving my hip back and forth to fuck her when seema walked out with a towel wrapped around her. Angie was zapped and stared at seema and me, " wana have more fun Angie?" I asked and seema just dropped her towel to reveal her and a beautiful body.

She went up to Angie and started to suck her boobs and said,"wow she tasts different" and started to suck on them even harder. For a good 20mins I kept fucking Angie and she kept asking for more, her pussy was wet and soaking of her cum, seema got up and went to her bag to get out the second strap on. She put it on and said,"Angie want both your holes filled up?" and Angie pushed her self off my dildo and pushed me on the bed, she got on top of me and slid her pussy on my dildo and bent forward to allow seema to push her dildo into her ass. Seema just ramped it into her ass and said,"African women have the perfect ass","aaaaa fuck I'm cuming already please both of you don't stop, and she kept moving in motion.

She had almost three orgasams and then said it's my turn and got off both the dildos and asked us to lay on the bed and she put on my strap on dildo and before we could tell her anything she shoved it into my pussy in one stroke and I just jerked on the bed,"oh fuck Angie, you African women are wild, go on show me what you got baby, my pussy is craving for a like you", she just kept moving her hip back and forth and said,"you have no idea how wild we can be, but it's been a while I have been with women and specially a wild one like you both, I'll fuck you till I'm satisfied so be ready for that!" and she kept stroking it harder and harder into my pussy,"fuck seema she is making me cum again aaaaa I'm cuming fuck I'm cuming", and jerked on the bed. She pulled me up and kissed me and removed the dildo and walked to seema, she bent her over the side table and started to fuck her from the back. Seema was screaming like a , lesbian fucks can be so good we had no idea. Seema kept begging for more and Angie was turning her hip and fucking seema and all seema was doing is asking for more. I was so shaken from the orgasam I couldn't possibly move from the bed.

After 15mins of fucking seema Angie pulled her hair and pulled her towards er and said,"had enough or you want more of the African pussy?", "more baby I want more of this" and Angie pulled the dildo out of seema and held her hand and took her to the bed, Angie layed down next to me and seema got on top of her to ride Angie, the moment was amazing, seema's boobs just bouncing and her hands were on angies boobs and she was fondling them while Angie fucked her. I just lay watching them and suddenly I saw seema push her head back,"fuck I'm cuming again, oh angie please don't stop fucking me please". Angie knew she was doing well fucking seema. After a session she asked me if I wanted to get fucked and I like a hungry dog jumped in place of seema and started to get fucked, seema just took the other strap on dildo and pushed me down and showed it into my ass and the feeling was earth shaking.

"your husband has been fucking me like a whore since we have met, now you will get treated the same way" seema said, I was so busy kissing Angie and sucking her dark nipples and boobs, I replied,"I know how much you love it" and she just smiled and she kept fucking xnxxv sunny leone video for good 10mins when I couldn't take it and came again and jerked so hard and collapsed on Angie. They both removed their dicks from my pussy and at that point I really felt used and a whore. But somewhere me and seema had turned into whores, we loved every bit of sex we had with eachother's husbands and other people Although we kept it away from our husbands.

We got up and Angie just lay on the bed, we knew it was time to give her a good fuck. I didn't have the energy so seema removed angie's strap on dildo and seema got on top of Angie and started to fuck her, Angie was holding seema and was asking and begging not to stop."I'm gonna make you come atleast twice before you leave, and seema was stroking hard and kept fucking Angie. She was holding seema's back and kissing her on the neck and she reached her first orgasam, she dug her nails into seema's back but seema didn't stop, she kept fucking her for another 5mins and she reached her second orgasam"fuck oh fuck I'm cuming fuck aaaaa baby I'm cuming" and she just collapsed on the bed.

Seema took out the dildo from her pussy and fell on the bed. We were exhausted,"that was amazing, I never knew you were such great customers" and we all broke into a laugh. We got up and asked her if she wanted to clean up, she agreed and we all stepped into the shower. We played and fondeled eachothers boobs and after the shower had a few drinks. We got well aquainted with her when it struck her she had another appointment,"treat that client well!" seema said and Angie replied,"sure but she is not that type of a client" laughed and walked to the door. Seema grabbed her purse and tipped her $100, and Angie replied,"the treatment was on the house, I enjoyed it" and she winked and closed the door behind her.