Jake and Jasmine on Holiday

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Jake and Jasmine on Holiday

This is my second effort. Feedback is appreciated.

Sunlight filtered in through the window, /casting/">casting the shadow of slats across her body. We’d flown in yesterday after a grueling flight half way across the U.S. and down into the Caribbean, finally arriving in St. Lucia in the late evening. After a harrowing ride from the airport, we arrived at our hotel, Anse Chastanet and were warmly welcomed and taken to our accomodation, a villa up the hillside with what turned out to be a glorious view of the Caribbean.

She was still asleep, recharging from the day of travel. The shadows striped her body as she lay there, breasts rising and falling as she slept soundly. I plead guilty; I’m a voyeur for this woman ’ asleep or awake. As she rolled to one side, still asleep, she exhaled. Now on her side, her breasts, full and firm, changed shape, jutting from her chest. It was difficult not touching them or kissing them’’.they were so inviting. 

The covers were only partially over her. Most of her torso was exposed as was the curve of her hip. I found myself becoming sexually excited, just being near her. Absentmindedly, I’d started stroking my cock and becoming aroused. Though I didn’t want to awaken her yet, I had difficulty stopping. Turned on is turned on. 

Enjoying my masturbating, I kept stroking my cock as it engorged. It now felt thick, hard and hot in my hand. If I thought of stopping, it was too late; every glance at her kept me going. I fisted myself with long, slow strokes, cupping my balls with my other hand. Alternately tensing and relaxing my muscles down there brought me closer to orgasm.

And then I heard, ’Love, cum for me, please?’, barely whispered. I turned to her and her eyes were still closed, but she’d obviously been roused by my motion. So I turned to her and buried my head between her breasts, still stroking my cock, now more vigorously. I noticed her hand had slipped under the sheet and she was masturbating herself, becoming aroused quickly. Soon, her intake of breath warned me that she’d reached her plateau and was about to go over the edge. Taking this as my cue, I got on my knees beside her and pulled the sheet back with my free hand, exposing her own hand busy at work on her pussy, now wet. It was framed by a trimmed and matted bush, soaked with her own juice. I knew what she wanted, so I jacked until I could feel it coming. I aimed my cock directly at her pussy and as she came I started spurting my own /cum/hot-cum/">hot cum on her ’ shot after shot, right on her belly and her cunt. It mingled with her own juices as her hand kept moving, pulling her orgasm from her. Done, I collapsed beside her, feeling her cum-soaked belly against me. ’Let’s sleep some more now, baby.’, she said, and we both drifted off to sleep.

Later that morning, I was awakened by the feeling of something warm and moist surrounding my cock. I was still soft and in a reverie about our recent indulgence. Her mouth was on me. She’d taken my limp cock into her mouth and was slowly sucking on it. What a way to be woken! 

She slowly sucked on me, coaxing an /erection/">erection out, in no hurry. She enjoyed starting with me when I was soft; feeling my cock grow to fullness in her mouth. As her lips continued their ministrations, I became more aroused. Her lips moved up and down my shaft, taking me completely in and then pulling back until she held just the head in her mouth, her tongue working on my shaft. When she could see that I was fully aroused, she changed her tempo and picked up the pace, milking the entire shaft with her mouth and both hands, completely focused on her pleasure and mine. It took not more than a couple of minutes of this before I felt my orgasm starting. She could too. 

Completely absorbed in this, she knelt there, hunkered over my cock on both knees, her breasts hanging down and rocking with the movement, her mouth full, wanting me to cum. And cum I did. I jerked with pleasure as the first shot bathed her mouth. Not stopping, she kept sucking me, drinking it all, moaning her pleasure, until I was completely done. She then rose, still on her knees and looked at me, smiled and wiped the dribbles of cum from her lips with the back of her hand. A simple, unconscious movement, but one that told me she’d enjoyed herself immensely. How could I have been so lucky as to have found this woman that loved sucking cock, anytime, anywhere. She just purely loved a mouthful of /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock, preferably one filling her with cum. Actually, I’m blowjob porn videos not giving her her full due. She loved anything sexual, anytime, anywhere.

’What do you want to do today, love?’, she said. 

’My day’s already complete’, I responded, grinning at her. ’How about you?’

’I’d like a big breakfast. I’m hungry. I need more than just cum to keep me going. I want to go for a swim and just relax and lay in the sun a bit. Maybe read a book. I want a lazy day.’

’Sounds good to me. Let’s find some food.’ 

At that, we each rose from the bed, threw on a bathing suit and a shirt. I couldn’t help but notice hers. It was a burgundy red crocheted bikini, perfectly plain, with a thong bottom and a demi-top that looked great against her tanned skin. I loved the crochet effect, showing flesh through the mesh. If one were to look carefully, the darker skin of her areolas and nipples was obvious. She filled the top out nicely. Her flat stomach and strong yet slender back between the two shreds of cloth seemed to emphasize the plushness and sensuality of her breasts and hips. The strap of the thong nicely split the firm round cheeks of her ass that led to her long and slender legs. Minimal coverage; maximum impact, yet just enough intrigue. This could cause quite a stir at the pool, I was thinking as I looked her over. She does love to show off, but then most /women/">women, if blessed with a body like hers would enjoy the same thing.

Breakfast was the typical Caribbean resort deal. Nicely done with fresh fruit, hot coffee, juice and some excellent croissants, all on a table covered with fresh linens. We ate, taking our time and sat, not speaking, enjoying our coffee, just taking in the place.

I was curious about what kind of crowd would be here. It was off-season so things weren’t exactly jumping, but there were several guests around. As it was a pretty upscale place, most of the crowd, but not all, were older. 

Chatting over coffee, she queried, ’Same deal this trip?’

’Sure’, I said, knowing her reference was to our deal. When we first met, 3 years ago, we decided that we were it. No one else. No infidelities, affairs or anything else. Just us. We also, both having overactive libidos, decided that we would allow ourselves to stray to whatever moved us sexually, as long as we did it together ’ but only while on holiday. This had proved to be a solid and yet playful arrangement for us both and removed some of the pettiness and secrecy that we’d seen dissolve so many relationships of our friends. Basically, while on holiday, we’d just do exactly as we wanted at the moment, each sharing with the other. Permissiveness and an open relationship with limits. And it made us want to travel more often.

’Want to go milf porn videos down to the pool, now?’, I inquired of her.

Enjoying the sunshine, she turned to me and responded, ’Yes, I’d like that.’

So we got up and left, walking in the direction of the pool. I was amazed at how demure she looked, chastely covered in her oversize shirt. It brought a small chuckle to me as I thought about what was underneath. One would have thought she was some kind of young suburban matron, the furthest thing from the truth.

Arriving at the pool, we noticed there were few people there this early. Still sleeping it off, I thought and looked for a likely place to settle in. She pointed to a couple of lounge chairs off to one side with good sun at this time of the day. I nodded and we walked to the chairs. Putting down our books and towels, we got comfortable. I slipped my shirt off and sat down. She stood in front of me and unbuttoned her shirt, quite slowly, smiling all the while. With the buttons undone, she shrugged off the shirt, just letting it drop to the pool deck, then turned and sat down. We had a few hours before we’d want lunch and just whiled away the time, reading mostly, occasionally going for a swim as a refreshing change from the heat.

On a couple of occasions, when she was going to the pool, I noticed her getting looks. The middle aged and older women stared daggers. The men, of any age, looked at her with admiration. One couple, sitting across the pool, both seemed to enjoy the view. That was a bit unusual I thought. Usually the women hated her and the men enjoyed her.

Coming back from a dip, she laid down on the chair on her stomach and asked me to dry her. I got the big fleecy hotel towel and toweled her off. ’Want some sun tan lotion?’, I said.

’Please. I should have some on so I don’t burn.’

She untied the strap of her bikini top in back and let the strings fall to her side. I started at her feet and worked my way upward, probably taking more time than necessary to work the lotion in, but it was vastly enjoyable and I indulged myself, especially on the cheeks of her now exposed ass. Finishing, I happened to glance at the couple across the pool. We certainly seemed to have their attention. They were gazing at us intently; it was obvious, even with their dark glasses. We passed a bit of time then, just relaxing and reading and enjoying the sun.

’How about a swim and then a bite to eat’, I asked. 

’Great’, she said. ’Let’s go.’

So we got up to go to the pool. I turned to look at her and noticed she’d forgotten to tie the bikini top and as she rose, her breasts came into full view of everyone, with the small bits of cloth just dangling on her chest. Turning toward the pool, she discovered everyone turned our way trying to be cool and act like they weren’t looking. It hit her as to what they were looking at and cool as a cucumber she casually pulled the triangles of fabric over her breasts and tied the strings in the back without skipping a beat. I loved this air of nonchalance about her. 

After swimming a bit, she asked me if I was hungry yet and I agreed, it was time for lunch. ’Just a minute’, I said to her. ’How about some company for lunch?’

’Sure, who’ve you in mind?’ I nodded in the direction of the couple that I’d noticed before. So we swam over to the edge of the pool where they were located and just said hello and indulged in the usual vacation chit chat for a bit. Finally I told them that we were going to go have a bite of lunch and would enjoy some company. Their faces simultaneously lit up and they agreed immediately so I suggested we could go back to our rooms and change and meet at the poolside restaurant in 15 minutes or so. They nodded in the affirmative. So we swam off, got our stuff and left, going to our room to change.

While there, she asked me, ’You like them? Planning something?’

’Maybe. They’re an attractive couple and are obviously interested. Perhaps they’d like to mix it up a bit. Can’t hurt to find out.’ 

My interest was piqued in the other woman. She was the complete opposite of what I was used to. Jasmine has what is to me a perfect figure, about 5’6’ with firm medium sized breasts and slender hips with long legs. This woman’s figure, with the exception of her considerably larger breasts, was about the same ’ exquisite: slender and tan and built for action. But she had paler skin and long straight /blonde/">blonde hair, where Jasmine’s was auburn with waves. Quite Nordic looking. I fantasized about the differences between them and wondered how they’d look, next to each other. 

Lunch was predictable. The usual chit chat about the holiday, what was going on at home, etc. Very civilized. The woman’s name was Suzanne; she was French, from Lyon originally, despite her Nordic looks. Turned out her mother was from Finland; that must have been where she got her looks. Her husband was Mike. They’d met on Saint Martin about 4 years ago and had been together ever since, living in Montreal. They made a stunning couple, both good looking, obviously in love with each other. I could tell from the way Jasmine was quite animated that she enjoyed them both, as I did.