New to the city

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New to the city

It was 10AM on a Saturday and Kim was waiting for her apartment manager to hand over the keys to her new apartment. At 22, Kim came from a wealthy family who had a /college/">college degree in business and was working for a large company. She had just moved here from the east coast due to a work transfer. Kim figured she settle near work since it was in the downtown location and her pay was pretty good and can afford the area.

The apartment manager, a middle aged lady, came out of the office and greeted Kim. "Good morning, Kim correct?" The lady said. "Yes thats correct." Kim replied. "My name is Sue and as you probably already figured out, I am the apartment manager." Sue said. Looking at this young girl, Sue couldnt imagine how a young lady can afford a nice apartment in the downtown area of a large city such as Los Angeles.

"Sorry, Im in a hurry so I wont be able to show you the apartment but as you saw online, its no different." Sue said. "Oh dont worry about it." Kim said smiling. "Here are your keys and a parking gate key. The gates stay open from 8AM till 8PM." Sue said handing out the keys. "Ok." Kim replied. "I got to get going so the elevators are down the hall to your left" Sue rushed the last few words out as she turn around heading out of the building. Kim gave a nod and smile. Kim continued down the hall to the elevators. Kim called for a elevator and the doors open. Kim walked in and hit the 8th floor button.

Kim opened the door to her new apartment. The smell of carpet cleaning chemicals still /hung/">hung in the air. Kim walked over to the window adjecent to the door and opened it up in hopes of the breeze clearing out most of the smell. Kim walked around the apartment checking it out. For downtown, it was a nice size apartment considering it was a little above average. Just then, Kims cell phone rang. "Oh shit, the movers." Kim said to herself. Kim picked up the phone and had a quick conversation with one of the movers. Kim left her apartment and headed downstairs to meet the movers.

As Kim, rode the elevator down, it stopped on the 5th floor. The doors open and stood a good looking tall white gentlemen in his mid 30s. "Going down?" He said. "Yeah." Kim said. He walked in the small elevator as Kim moved aside. Kim standing only 52 and 102lbs looked up at him. He mustve been 60 and around 200 pounds. "You must be new here?" As he broke the silence. "Yes" Kim replied smiling and looking up at him. "Im Tony." Tony reaches out his hand. "Im Kim." Kim reached out to shake his hand. They ride the elevator down to the 1st floor and the doors open. "See you around Kim." Tony said smiling. "Same to you." Kim answered back as Tony leaves the elevator first. "Hes a handsome one" Kim thought to herself as she exits the elevator and walks outside.

Kim greets the movers outside and tells her which floor the apartment is. The movers quickly unload and move everything up to her apartment in a couple of hours with Kim directing where things go. With everything done, Kim decided to go out and grab some lunch. Soon after Kim had lunch she thought she explore the town. Hours go by as she drive around Los Angeles sight seeing and shopping for her new place. 6 o clock rolled along and Kim decided to grab some dinner while she was out. After eating, she decided she had enough for the day and went back home.

As Kim entered the apartment building, she walked down the hall and waited for the elevator. Standing there in shorts and a tee from LAs warm temperature, she hears a familiar voice down the hall. "Hey that elevator open to will ya?" Tony yelled. Kim turned around towards the voice and saw that it was Tony. Kim smiled, "Im still waiting myself." Just as soon as Kim said that, the doors open for the elevator. Kim walked in and held the door for Tony. Tony entered the elevator, "Thanks."

They booth rode the elevator again. "Kind of funny isnt it?" Tony said. "What is?" Kim replied. "First day here and its already been 2 times we rode the elevator together." Tony said while smiling. "Yes I guess it is." Kim said smiling back. Stopping at the 5th floor, Tony turn around, "Hey since your new and all I was wondering if you would like to come down and have a drink sometime." "That sounds good. I have no plans for tonight since I dont have anywhere to go and cable isnt hooked up yet." Kim said in return. "Tonight sounds great too. I dont have anything planned either. My apartment number is 56." Tony said with a happy tone. "Ok, let me just go put away my stuff and Ill be back down." Kim said. Tony nodded and walked out of the elevator.

Was he hitting on me, Kim thought. Whatever it was Kim was enjoying the comapny of her new neighbor and hope the rest of the complex was nice as him.

Kim entered her own apartment and dropped her shopping bags on the floor. Turning on the lights, she walked into the bathroom. Pulling her brush out the box, she brushed her hair to make sure it looked good. Standing there, Kim looked at herself in the mirror with her tee and shorts on deciding if this will do. She told herself its just a neighbor and doesnt need to look all great.

Kim walked out of her apartment and took the short ride down. She got to Tonys apartment. Kim knocked on door. Tony opened the door. "Hey Kim come on in." As Tony scoots to the side letting Kim in. Kim walked in, "Nice place you got here." Kim said as she walked in. Tony had design his apartment with nice black leather couches and a big screen TV mounted on the wall. "Thanks" Tony replied. "Make yourself comforable" Kim walked over the long couch and took a seat. The TV was a /reality/">reality show. Tony closed the door and walked towards the kitchen. "What would you like to drink Kim?" Tony yelled from the kitchen. "Anything is fine." Kim yelled back.

Tony walked into the living room with 2 glasses of jack and coke. He handed out the drink to Kim which in turn Kim reached out and grabbed it. Tony took a seat next to her leaving a foot of room between them. Taking a sip, Kim frowned. "To strong?" Tony laughed. "No, its ok" Kim replied.

Tony and Kim carried on a conversation about life, relationships, and hobbies. What seemed like hours, they both each had finished 2 glasses of jack and coke. By now, Kim was feeling the alcohol and tipsy. "You ok?" Tony asked. "Yeah Im ok. Just need to use the restroom real quick." Kim said as she got up and headed towards the bathroom. Taking care of business, Kim returned to the living room and had a seat on the couch. Tony had got porn videos download up and gotten another round of jack and coke. "Would you like another one?" Tony yelled again from the kitchen. "No thank, I am good for now." Kim says.

Tony comes back with other glass for him. As he sits down, Kim notices how fit Tony is in his jeans and a T-shirt. "You work out Tony?" Kim asked. "Yes I do." Tony responded. "Wow, you look great for being 37." Kim said smiling. "Well your beautiful yourself Kim." Tony smiled. As if Kims face wasnt red from alcohol, it was even more red from that comment. "Thank you for the compliment." "I do mean it too." Tony said as he scooted a little closer to Kim and set his drink on the coffee table. "I find you very attractive. Your beautiful light skin and your small figure." "Thank you." Kim said as she couldnt think of anything else to say.

Do you have a boyfriend Kim? Tony asked. "Actually I dont." Kim responded. "Such a beautiful girl like you shouldnt be alone." Tony said. Kim looking down at the floor, "Well I did have one about 6 months ago but we broke up." "Sorry to hear." Tony said. Tony reached out and lifted Kims chin up and faced him, "Your beautiful, youll find someone." Kim just smile.

With the courage of alcohol, Tony moved in and kissed Kim on the lips. Kim was in shocked but at the same time was enjoying Tonys lips. Kim didnt force Tony away and they stayed like that for a few seconds. Tony became even more daring and opened his lips sticking out his tongue in hopes Kim would accept it. Kim felt Tonys lips parting and she knew was he was doing. Kim parted her lips and stuck her tongue out to meet with Tonys.

Locking each others tongue, they were kissing like lovers on the couch. Shoving each of their tongues into each others mouth. Tony placed his hand on Kims thigh feeling her smooth soft skin. Softly rubbing Kims thighs, Tony broke away the kiss and worked his way down to Kims neck, sucking and nibbling it. Kim wrapped her arms around Tonys head and let her own head lean up as Tony nibble on it.

Letting soft moans, Kim was enjoying Tonys touch. Could it just be the alcohol or was Tony really that good? Whatever it was, Kim was enjoying every bit of it.

Tony moved back up and they kissed passionately. Tonys hand had left Kims thigh and moved up to her soft firm B cup breast. Tony softly squeezed and massage her breast. Kim moaned through their kiss as Tony massaged and squeeze her breast.

Tony reached back down on Kims tee and pulled it. They broke their kiss and Kim helped Tony removed her shirt. Tony saw the nicest set of breasts he ever saw. Behind this pink laced bra were some perfect looking B cup size breasts waiting to be played with. Kim reached behind and unhooked her bra removing it and tossed it on the floor. "God Kim, you have beautiful breasts." Tony said as he reached out to pitch the hard light brown nipples. Kim didnt say nothing as she closed her eyes to Tonys touch.

Tony leaned down and stuck one of Kims nipple in his mouth sucking and lightly biting down on it. Kim give out a moan as soon as Tony did that. Tony switched back and forth between each breast. Fondling with her breasts and sucking them like a baby. Kim just leaned her head back and enjoyed the sensation of her breasts being played and sucked on.

Tony reached down and started to rub on Kims mound through her shorts. Kim acknowledge and slid her firm ass foward to the edge of the seat spreading her legs. Kim was getting wet and could feel her panties start to get soak. Kim was enjoying every second of Tonys wonderful mouth and hand she thought it was his turn to enjoy it as well.

Kim reached down and placed a hand on Tonys growing cock. Rubbing it between his pants, Kim could feel it getting larger. Tony could feel the same and he removed his mouth off of kims breasts and lean back on the couch as Kims hand continue on.

Kim leaned in and whisper into Tonys ear, "I want to see this growing cock of yours." Without second thoughts, Tony got up off the counch and undid his jeans and pulled it down along with his boxers. Kicking it off to the side, Tony was just standing there with his shirt on and his semi /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock hanging.

Kim got off the couch as well and went on her knees in front of Tony. With Tonys cock growing inches from her face, Kim stuck out her tongue and lick the tip. "ahhhh" cam from Tony as he felt Kims warm tongue lick the head of his cock. Kim wrapped her lips around the head and sucked on it and pulling back off making a pop sound.

Now Tonys 8 inch cock was fully hard from all this tease Kim was giving him. Kim wrapped her right hand around the base of Tonys cock and slowly stroked it up then back down while she was licking and sucking the head. "oh god that feels good Kim. Dont stop!!" Tony said as he closed his eyes loving Kims touches.

Kim slowly worked her way down his shaft only getting 3/4 of it in her mouth before she felt it hit the back of her throat. Kim worked her way back up to the head and went back down. Bobbing her head on Tonys shaft while her hand followed her lips along it. Kim popped her mouth off, "You like that?" she asked as she stroked him. "Fuck yes! Oh god your wonderful" Tony tried saying as he almost couldnt get the words out.

"mmm, Im getting all wet just sucking your cock." Kim said. "I want to feel you in me." With that Tony grabbed Kims hand off of his cock and pulled her up. He bent down and picked her small frame up and carried her to his room where he tossed her on her back onto the bed. Pulling of Kims shorts and panties like a mad man, Tony got on the bed and got on top of Kim.

Both looking deep into each others eyes, Kim reach down and grabbed Tonys cock rubbed the head along her slit. Kim closed her eyes and moaned from the incredible feeling. Tony leaned down and kissed xxx her. Darting his tongue into her mouth. They kissed passionately as if they were lovers. Tony reach down and positioned his cock at the entrance and slowly pushed in.

As wet as Kim was, Tony was having trouble sliding his /cock/large-cock/">large cock in Kims tight pussy. Getting just the head in, "Fuck your so tight Kim." "mmmm, your just so fucking big Tony." Kim responded. Slowly Tony worked his way in. Halfway in, Tony pulled back out only to where his head was still in. He pushed back in a little harder and pushed all of his hard meat into Kim. Kim was moaning from pain and pleasure as she was being filled with Tonys /cock/big-cock/">big cock.

Tony started to pick his pace as Kim dug her nails into his back. "ooooo fuck me Tony. /fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-hard/">fuck me hard!!!" Kim moaned out. Tony didnt say nothing as he pounded her harder and faster. "Yes like that. Like that!!!!" Kim screamed. "Oh fuck Kim, you feel so fucking good. I love your /pussy/tight-pussy/">tight pussy!!" Tony said with every breath.

"Ohhhh, Tony your going to make me cum soon." Kim moaned. With that, Tony pumped harder and fast. "OHHHH! TONY!!!" Kim screamed and tensed up as she felt her orgasm hit her like a crashing wave. Not long after that Tony felt his balls stirring up.

"Oh fuck Kim, Im going to cum!" Tony exploded in Kim dumping his load deep in her. Kim felt Tony shooting his load in her which sent her off on another orgasm. She closed her eyes an was enjoying wave after wave of her wonderful orgasm.

When they both came back to reality, Tony smiled looking down at Kim. Kim opened her own eyes and looked up at Tony. Smiling as well, Kim wrapped her arms around Tonys neck and brought him down for a kiss.

Kim knew shed be enjoying LA.