My Initiation

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
My Initiation

For starters let me introduce myself, my name is Tyson Bear, and I ”am 6”with /blonde/">blonde hair, blue eyes.and /athletic/">athletic. 

Well it all started at the beginning of my Sophomore year of /college/">college, every year seniors were chosen to join into a group. No one really knew the name of the group except that if given the choice, almost anyone would join right away. Well me and my /twins/twin-brother/">twin brother J.D were chosen to join and the only thing we were told was to be In Jake's basement at 10:00 that night (Kyle is the leader of the group which is no secret, and the meetings were held at his house). Jake was also tall, and had dark hair, and green full hd xvideo download eyes.

When J.D and me got to the house we rang the doorbell, Jake answered the door and said to come in, and then he directed us to his basement, while he stayed at the door. Me and J.D went down some stone steps and looked over the scenery, and it was just like another house except there were about 8 rooms, in addition there were 15 or 16 other guys down there having fun, playing games, most of them I knew from graduating the previous year. J.D wasted no time in going in and talking to people, but I hang back because I”ve always been kind of shy.

Finally Jake came down, and we all knew that this was initiation, but it wasn't what we expected, he just came down the stairs and started telling us that we where here to be initiated and that was the whole speech, and I started to think that that was it because he started to laugh with some of his buds and everyone was going back to what they were doing before, but then all of a sudden I heard someone yell ”prepare the newbees”, and then there was a big commotion as everyone started to grab at me and J.D and 6 other guys while the others put blind folds on us and we were told not to take them off, and free porn movies download then they took us to different rooms, but not before I heard Jake yell over the commotion ”hey, I get the Tyson kid first”.

The rooms were pretty bare, just a chair and a bed, but it didn't stay that way for long because I could hear the other guys yelling out in pain, for what seemed like hours, and then Jake came in and asked me if I was ready for my initiation and I asked him what it was and he simply replied ”you'll find out”. All of a sudden I could feel him pulling my pants and my boxers down and I freaked out asking him what the fuck he was doing ad he said ”It's just initiation”, but I had had enough so I opened the door and saw three guy's outside and they tried to throw me back in the room but Jake said ”let him go, he'll be back”. Like hell I will I said as I ran out of the house.

Back at home J.D got in at about 3:00 in the morning and he didn't talk to me or anything. The next day at school I saw that he wasn't even looking at me and he was hanging out with the guys from the group last night laughing and having fun. 

After the week of school was done, it had just eaten at me that J.D had gone through the initiation and I hadn't, so I found out when the next meeting was, it was Saturday night, same time, same place. I went up to the house at ten thirty and rang the doorbell but no one answered the door, but it was open to I just let myself in and went downstairs. When arriving down stairs I saw that my brother J.D was giving a guy named Jared a blowjob, while he was being fucked in the ass by another guy, but I just tried to ignore it and went straight up to Jake but before I got to him some guys” stopped me from getting to him but Jake said once again ”let him go”, so I walked up to him and said flat out ”I ”am ready”, and he just smiled at me and said ”lets go”. 

He led me to a room and told me to strip and get on the bed, I did what I was told and I saw him stripping to, and then he got on the bed and told me to sit up so I did and he asked me if I was sure about this and I said that I was, so he told mo to blow him, so I did, and I ”am pretty sure that it was he worst one he ever had seeing that I was a virgin, and then he rolled me over and positioned his dick right behind me and rammed me so hard in the ass that I screamed out in pain, and I suddenly knew what the other guy's were screaming about last time. Jake just kept ramming me in the ass until finally I felt him cum all inside of me. Thinking that it was over I gingerly started to get up, and upon seeing this, he asked me what the hell I was doing, and I told him getting dressed, and he told me that I wasn't done and he then walked out and hand picked about 4 guys who then came in and started to /ass/ass-fucking/fuck-my-ass/">fuck my ass just as hard as Jake did, and they didn't stop until they were done Cumming and then the next one would take his turn.

After they were all done Jake came back inside and told me that I was initiated, and that I should remember the names of the people that fucked me that night, because I was now their /slave/sex-slave/">sex slave and that for my first year In the club I had to do what ever they wanted me to do, whenever, and if they told me to do something to someone outside of them five I had to do it, and that I was also his full time sex slave just like all the other new bees, and I suddenly knew why J.D was blowing while getting fucked in the ass at the same time.

After that life was good, I was kept busy with all the ass fuckings and blowjobs at school and so was J.D, and once, just for my masters and J.D's masters enjoyment, they made me fuck him. But I had to do what my masters told me to do. But my year after that was the best yet, but that's a different story.