Neighbor guy sensual encounters

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Neighbor guy sensual encounters

It was midsummer in Arlington Texas I was working on my 1990 Chevy cavalier,my first car, in front of my brothers house knowing he will have the tools I need. I was wearing blue basketball shorts and a wife beater sweating threw them of course but I stop to take a smoke break so I sat on the back of my car I just got done with some "ice cream" so I was feeling pretty good. I laid back some cause Mexican guys usually walk by my house and I like to see if they notice my bulge threw my basketball shorts I dont know why but it all ways sends waves threw me to have there horny eyes glaring at my package.

I was looking threw my phone and notice the /guy/straight-guy/">straight guy neighbor leaving in his car. I saw his dogs out and wondered who els was outside I look and it was the other guy who lived there. This guy iv always wanted to know how he was in bed or just suck his dick. He has long hair brown skin and built and short witch I like the most he had on blue shorts and shirt that fit right. I didnt know if he got down like me but the mood I was in I was sure going to find out that day. I made sure my bulge was noticeable even let it get slightly hard I look over and he started watering his garden I didnt know if he knew if I was out there so I fake a real loud sneeze It work he look over towards me waved he then smile and I returned the gesture I sat back on my car and laid back and let my legs hang so my shorts would lay flat I was watching him roll his hos up all I could think was damn Im horny as hell he look over at me and I pretended to be on my phone.

He lifted his shirt to wipe his forehead I could see a happy trail leading into his shorts I was staring at it and he saw me I look away and he turn to sit in a chair that was kinda facing towards my direction,is he down I was thinking at that moment,I was looking at him and he caught my eye and grinned he rested his hands on his legs getting a little nerve I slid off the back of my car my shorts riding up I look over at him and he was still looking at me I look back and laid my eyes in between his legs he ran a hand over the middle of his shorts I knew then it was on. So I look up and down the street and at other peoples front doors and windows to make sure none where open or people where out. I removed my shirt and drop it. My description 62 slim but tight body short hair blue eyes and brown tan skin and some tats. I look over and his face was lustful and eager intently looking now.

I got into the sun more and pulled my shorts down just enough for the elastic to rest right on top of my cock witch was growing more now. I look over at him and he was rubbing his chest he stood up and smile at me and walk into the house. Minute or 2 later he came back outside. My cock got instantly hard he was wearing only shorts He stood on his porch and reach inside it he cautiously look around and back at me and pulled his cock out. My mouth drop and my cock was throbbing now. I look back at him and I brought my hand to my mouth like I was holding something and moved it back and forth hoping he caught on. He did and gestured me over I walk over and he said come in I walk threw not taking my eyes off his junk it wasnt hard but it /hung/">hung very low. He pulled them all the way off his naked body had my heart pounding he had smooth skin all over except his cock witch he obviously kept cut and shaven.

Drop your shorts he said I did and he look me up and down and his indian santali xvideo dick was slowly filling out. Nice he said and led me to his room he closed the door and walk towards me and stop eye to eye our cocks standing straight up almost touching he had to be an 8 and thick mines a 7 and thick he reach over and turned on his radio and why cant I fall in love by Ivan Nevill was playing. He guided me towards his bed till my legs folded and I was laying on it. He climbed on top of me and kiss my neck I could fell his breath on my neck and every nerve ending started to tingle he proceeded kissing me down my chest he bit my sides and my cock was throbbing hard now. He then took my whole cock in his mouth I could feel his tongue swirling my prick as he suck on my rod. He stop and said can I fuck you now. I was shock and made me ask him you dont want me to blow you. come to found out the straight alain lyle porn guy was his older brother and was going to come back.

I was horny and just got some damn good head so I told him sure. Lube up he guided me to all four and got behind me I was ready to relax and take it but he spread my cheeks and started licking my hole awwww man he had me moaning. He then /spanking/ass-spanking/spank-my-ass/">spank my ass with his cock and rub it all over my hole and slowly guided inside me. It felt weird and bit painful taking his cock cause it was my first 8 ever he got it all the way in me and stop to let me get use to it. Slowly back in forth he began to thrust my skin was tingling all over he sped up and man I wanted it /bad/">bad I moaned to him to go faster and he did I could feel his balls slapping off mine then out of no where he spank my ass I told him hard spank me harder!!! You like that hu he ask me at that last pop I let my animal instinct take over I turned around and pulled him down to his back and climb on top and started riding his /cock/thick-cock/">thick cock bouncing and looking into his eyes as I did so.

He grab me and told me to /ass/ass-fucking/fuck-his-ass/">fuck his ass the heat just got hotter I was thinking this nigga here I got off and he lube his /hole/ass-hole/">ass hole and got on his four I inserted my /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock he moaned aw man he said and once I know its good to start thrusting I start fast pounding it hard then I got on my /feet/">feet cock still in him and fuck him like an animal...Car door closes he pulled away and look out the window o shit my brothers home you have to go. but I reminded him my shorts where in the other room he said damn your right and pulled out some shorts and /underwear/">underwear for both of us and some Ts from the closet. From this day he still has my shorts I caught him wearing them as I wear his outfit out on one night stands.