My First Meeting With You

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
My First Meeting With You

My First Meeting with You. 

I flew to Australia. You booked a hotel room and then greeted me at Adelaide International airport. Familiar with the airport you had already planned where you?d take me, and how you would do me. You greeted me sexxxx video ful hd with a kiss when I stepped off the plane and lead me away into a quiet hall way. 

Guiding me to a room you locked the door behind us, and assisted me onto a blanket you had laid down. You told me it has been too long and you must have me before we leave the airport. I tried to resist but you held me down feeling my /tits/pussy-tits/pussy-and-tits/">pussy and tits, I?d kept my promise not to wear bra and panties under my dress. 

Raising my skirt with your free hand you began fingering my pussy. I begged you to stop because I was so nervous someone would walk-in on us. You told me you didnt give a shit, you must have me. You undid your pants pulling your cock out. I gasped in lust. Instantly I forgot where we were. After forcing me into position, your hand guided your cock into my waiting mouth. 

You held my mouth open pushing your entire cock slowly between my lips causing me to gag. Gently you slid in and out........ in and out......... in and out. I moaned as you fingered /wet/pussy-wet/my-wet-pussy/">my wet pussy while you fucked my face. You felt I was slippery, wet and highly aroused 

You pulled out of my mouth and moved downward, I didnt resist anymore, I just lay there wanting you. I watched breathlessly as you placed your cock at the entrance of my pussy, slowly sliding it home. It was more than you can handle, you needed me so badly. Grabbing my hips you slammed your /cock/hot-cock/">hot cock into my very being with an almost fatal, loving stroke. I screamed in /ecstasy/">ecstasy as you pulled out and drove it home again and again. I was going /crazy/">crazy beneath you, my body bucking wildly. 

In no time I was exploding all over your cock, flipping beneath you like a fish out of water. Then I collapsed under you as you kept thrusting into me harder and harder. Surrendering my body to your loving assault, I contracted my cunt xxx sex video download free com muscles milking your thrusting cock, driving you wilder and wilder. Then you stiffened with a final thrust and grunted deeply as filling my pussy with your love juice. 

When your breathing returned to normal, you pulled me upward, forbidding me to clean up. You wanted your juices to stay inside my pussy until we reached the hotel. Picking up my luggage you take me straight to my hotel and told me not to leave the room. 

I was to be your /submissive/">submissive for my entire stay, you ask if I understood, I looked at you shocked and nodded. You were pleased and then lead me to bed and laid me down. Loving and trusting you so much, I allowed you to position me in anyway you wished. After stripping my clothing away and making me wear a very short nightie, you spread me wide. 

Spread-eagled on the bed, you then blindfolded me which added to my anticipation. I gasped in nervousness, but trusted you enough to have your way with me. You took each arm and tied it to bed, loosely and then you tied my legs. I still didnt resist. My love for you was so deep I didn?t care what you did to me. 

I felt something /tickling/">tickling me. It took me awhile to realize it was a feather. I moaned, you lightly tickled my pussy. I moaned again and thrust my hips upward but you just continued teasing me, driving me wild. I begged you to fuck me. You told me to hush or you will gag me, so I closed my mouth. 

I heard you walk over to the fridge, wondering in my head what you are up to. I became nervous. I felt you sit on the bed beside me, and run something cold up and down my belly and around my breast. I shivered as you traced it over each nipple. 

You went back down my belly and along my slit, lightly at first. Each swipe up and down you got deeper and deeper into my slit. When it brushed my clit, I jerked wildly on my ropes, freaking out, wondering what it was. You only chuckled as you keep going deeper and deeper within. You placed it at my love tunnel and slowly slid it inside me. It was so cold and hard, with tiny bumps on it. I don?t know what it could have been, but it drove me wild. I slowly moved my hips fucking this unknown intruder. 

You moved it in and out. I felt it stretching my pussy lips, it was so huge. In no time at all I was exploding all over this delicious object more intensely than I?d ever cum before. I guess the suspense was too much for me, I collapsed as you pulled it out. You placed it at my mouth and told me to suck it clean. I opened up submissively allowing you to slide it into my mouth, it was then I realized it was a cucumber. 

I moaned at the thought of the orgasm caused by a cucumber and the way you used it on me. The thought got me really hot again. You could tell by how I moved my body that I was already hot so hot and aroused. I felt you move as you turned to bedside table. Then I heard a ripping sound, I wondered what it was. Something else was being slipped into my pussy. It had texture. I didn?t have a clue as to what it could be. You keep sliding it in more and more until it wouldn?t go in any further. You pulled it out and pushed it back in again, I sensed it was curved as you began fucking me with it. 

I moaned more and more as you rubbed the curve against my clit. Again I begged you to fuck me but you kept fucking me with foreign object, driving me almost insane with passion. You leaned over and begin nibbling on the object while working it in and out of /pussy/tight-pussy/my-tight-pussy/">my tight pussy. As you ate more and more, I felt ready to explode in climax but desperately tried to hold back. 
Moving closer and closer to my pussy, your tender mouth touched my clit sending me over the edge. I bucked and fucked your face as you continued to eat the object all the way out of me. When I was through climaxing you came up and kissed me, the taste on your lips letting me know I had been fucked with a banana. 

I collapsed, unable to make a move. I was so exhausted that later I drifted off into a deep sleep. You untied me and left me a note saying you will return early in morning. I knew from the beginning you would have to go home and be with family in evenings. You took all the /toys/">toys home with you but I knew you?d have other surprises for me the next day. Your note said you are so excited about our meeting tomorrow. 

I rested because I knew I would need it. So I turned over, reliving the whole day and smiled gently while rubbing myself. My eyes drooping with sleep I thought only of you, remembering you still had to fuck me in the room. I tried to figure out the next day but drifted off into dream land. 

I awoke to find you in my room cuddling me. I was allowed to toilet and then you retied me again, I couldn?t wait to spend that new day with you.